IDV: Kitten Survivor Stickers

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IDV: Kitten Survivor Stickers

Let meowt of the dungeon!!! πŸ˜³πŸ’– but make them stickers!

⭐️ Apprx 2 in. tall
⭐️ Waterproof, with a nice transparent edge!

Available Cast:
🌱 Gardener: Emma Woods
🌱 Coordinator: Martha Behamfil
🌱 Doctor: Emily Dyer
🌱 Dancer: Margaretha Zelle
🌱 Priestess: Fiona Gilman
🌱 Enchantress: Patricia Dorval
🌱 Mechanic: Tracy Reznik
🌱 Mind's Eye: Helena Adams
🌱 Barmaid: Demi Bourbon
🌱 Perfumer: Vera Nair
🌱 Mercenary: Naib Subedar
🌱 Seer: Eli Clark
🌱 Cowboy: Kevin Ayuso
🌱 First Officer: Jose Baden
🌱 Forward: William Ellis
🌱 Prospector: Norton Campbell
🌱 Lucky Guy
🌱 Acrobat: Mike Morton
🌱 Postman: Victor Grantz
🌱 Gravekeeper: Andrew Kriess
🌱 Prisoner: Luca Balsa
🌱 Embalmer: Aesop Carl
🌱 Artist: Edgar Valden
🌱 Entomologist: Melly Plinius
🌱 Batter: Ganji Gupta

❕ Please be aware ❕ Purchases with ONLY stickers will be mailed out in stamped envelopes. While this method allows for cheap shipping using the first class domestic or first class international stamp, buyers should be aware this method does not include shipping and shipping times may differ depending on destination from California!

πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ If you reside in the UK, you can order from this listing if it’s stickers ONLY! Please message Minty if interested with combining with an existing Etsy order.