IDV: Kitten Survivor Charms

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IDV: Kitten Survivor Charms

Let meowt of the dungeon!!! πŸ˜³πŸ’– It’s about time I let these kittens out of the bag, I love Identity V!!! This charm series is to celebrate my love for the survivors of this free phone/computer game ^^!!! I made a large majority of the current cast into baby kitty cats!!!

⭐️ Little over 2 in. tall
⭐️ Double-sided
⭐️ Silver glitter epoxy
⭐️ Minty blue ball and chain attachment accessory

Available Cast:
🌱 Gardener: Emma Woods
🌱 Coordinator: Martha Behamfil
🌱 Doctor: Emily Dyer
🌱 Dancer: Margaretha Zelle
🌱 Priestess: Fiona Gilman
🌱 Enchantress: Patricia Dorval
🌱 Mechanic: Tracy Reznik
🌱 Mind's Eye: Helena Adams
🌱 Barmaid: Demi Bourbon
🌱 Perfumer: Vera Nair
🌱 Mercenary: Naib Subedar
🌱 Seer: Eli Clark
🌱 Cowboy: Kevin Ayuso
🌱 First Officer: Jose Baden
🌱 Forward: William Ellis
🌱 Prospector: Norton Campbell
🌱 Lucky Guy
🌱 Acrobat: Mike Morton
🌱 Postman: Victor Grantz
🌱 Gravekeeper: Andrew Kriess
🌱 Prisoner: Luca Balsa
🌱 Embalmer: Aesop Carl
🌱 Artist: Edgar Valden
🌱 Entomologist: Melly Plinius
🌱 Batter: Ganji Gupta
🌱 Explorer: Kurt Frank
🌱 Toy Merchant: Anne Lester
🌱 Psychologist: Ada Mesmer
🌱 Patient: Emil
🌱 Novelist: "Orpheus"
🌱 Lawyer: Freddy Riley
🌱 Thief: Kreacher Pierson
🌱 Magician: Servais Le Roy
🌱 Wildling: Murro
🌱 Weeping Clown: Joker
🌱 Little Girl: "Memory"
🌱 Professor: Luchino Diruse
🌱 Antiquarian: Qi Xi
🌱 Composer: Frederick Kreiburg
🌱 Journalist: Alice Deross

7/9/2022: Some newer keychains will have a slightly different finish (more flatter surface), however quality is overall still the same.