IDV: Fluffy Pets

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IDV: Fluffy Pets

🌱 Inspired by the pets that follow survivors around on the map, I wanted to make some pets that you can take around with you in real life!! Here are three of my favorite fluffy Identity V skins, pre-Cheshire Naib, featured in their own golden cradles and with customized toys so they don’t get bored! 🥰

🌟🌟Available characters:🌟🌟
🌸PHOTOGRAPHER: Moonlight Gentleman
🌸SEER: Longing Tiger
🌸MERCENARY: Parasite

🔥 These puffy charms are NOT supposed to be open!!! Pets and their toys will run away if given the opportunity to do so. These cradles are non-resealable- DO NOT OPEN! They are made to withstand slight pressure (such as a small squeeze), but should still be taken care of.
🌟 Charms are approximately 6cm x 5cm x 2cm.