Original: Latte Art Enamel Pins

$12.00 - $30.00
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Original: Latte Art Enamel Pins

An original enamel pin set I created to celebrate my utter love and obsession with latte art. I hope they bring you happiness like how they give me happiness ^^. All hard enamel, gold-plated pins vary between 1.0 - 1.5 inches in either height and width.

๐ŸตMatcha Cat Latte: Floral green tea makes you relaxed, and matcha cat is very very relaxed in this comforting cup of matcha latte!

โ˜• Cheeky Latte: I like you a latte~! Warm lattes always bring a flush to the cheeks, and its no different with this very cheeky, sweet latte! Served in a lovely robin egg colored cup.

โ˜• Foam Bunny Latte: A strange phenomenon happened today when I was pouring my steamed milk into my favorite pink cup, suddenly there was a soft white bunny! To celebrate, I placed a nice mint leaf on the top.

โ˜• โ˜• Sweet Latte Flight ๐Ÿต: If you love tea and coffee lattes, this might be the order for you! You can try out all three with a special deal!