YTTD Manjuu Friends

YTTD Manjuu Friends

I wanted really badly to make more wholesome content for this pretty dark murder mystery puzzle game and so HERE IT IS HAHAHA //// I'm so so happy these manjuu I made for the Your Turn To Die / Kimi ga Shine series turned out so precious and cute!!! These little friends are perfect to tuck into a standard pocket and to carry with you on your adventures! Depending on how well these manjuu do, I'll think about expanding the cast of these manjuu to include some more characters ^^!

🌸Available Characters🌸
Sara Chidouin
Joe Tazuna
Gin Ibushi
Kai Satou
Keiji Shinogi
Shin Tsukimi
Ranmaru Kageyama
Sue Miley
Tia Safalin
Rio Ranger
Sou Hiyori (Midori)
Alice Yabusame
Kanna Kizuichi

Apprx 45mm x 55mm x 45mm (Fits easily in the palm of my hand!)

  • Sara Chidouin
    1 available 25%
  • Joe Tazuna
    9 available 90%
  • Gin Ibushi
    Sold out
  • Kai Satou
    8 available 89%
  • Keiji Shinogi
    4 available 80%
  • Shin Tsukimi
    Sold out
  • Alice Yabusame
    1 available 100%
  • Kanna Kizuichi
    1 available 50%
  • Ranmaru Kageyama
    Sold out
  • Sue Miley
    3 available 100%
  • Tia Safalin
    4 available 100%
  • Rio Ranger
    8 available 89%
  • Sou Hiyori (Midori)
    Sold out
  • Maple
    6 available 100%