TGAA: Holo Keycharms

Coming soon
TGAA: Holo Keycharms

Elementary! Here are some holographic keychains I made for some of my favorite characters from The Great Ace Attorney (TGAA or DGS!)

💖 Stunning rectangular clasp colored attachment
💖 Holographic + glitter epoxy finish
💖 One-sided, see thru on the back for full holo effect
💖 ~2 inches tall!
**NOTE** Some keychain clasps may have colors not matching to what is shown in picture, however each will still have colored clasps!

Available cast:
⭐️ Ryunosuke Naruhodo
⭐️ Kazuma Asogi
⭐️ Susato Mikotoba
⭐️ Satoru Hosonaga
⭐️ Herlock Sholmes
⭐️ Iris Wilson
⭐️ Barok van Zieks