ACNH: Small Glittering Friends Keychains

$10.00 - $40.00
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ACNH: Small Glittering Friends Keychains

I've been a fan of the Animal Crossing series since I played New Leaf as a kid. Now that I'm older and playing New Horizons, I'm so happy I could make these little keychains to share with the world!

In this little series of charms, I decided to focus on some of my favorite squirrel villagers, favorite cat villagers, and favorite town visitors!

Approximately 2 inches tall, each keychain features a multi-colored glitter epoxy covering, front and back printing, and a silver lobster clasp to easily clip anywhere and take anywhere!

🌸Characters (top left -> bottom right):🌸
SQUIRRELS- Marshal, Poppy, Agent S, Static, Mint
CATS- Raymond, Punchy, Merry, Bob, Kabuki, Kid Cat, Tangy, Ankha, Rudy
VISITORS- Celeste, Blathers, CJ, Flick, Rover, Daisy Mae

🌸🌸Currently Testing: "Any 5 Characters! (Please list in Notes Section)"
I've put some limited listings for this option since I haven't tried it before, but!! I do want to try this kind of bundle deal out for future listings ^^. Like the option's name suggests, you can pick any 5 characters by listing who you would like out of the available characters [in the notes section during check-out] for a discounted price. Repeats of characters are OK, but 5 characters MUST be listed in order for me to process your order accurately!